Australia’s most famous brow tattooing specialist, Amy Jean, has launched a brow makeup collection – for women and men with, and without, micropigmented arches.

Launching the collection, Amy Jean, who is the ‘arch angel’ to local celebrities such as Roxy Jacenko, Michelle Bridges, Delta Goodrem and Anna Heinrich, said that despite the popularity of the cosmetic tattooing procedure that made her famous, not everyone needs it to perfect their brows – and for many, particularly those who haven’t damaged their brows due to overplucking, a touch of powder is often more than enough.

The Amy Jean Privée Collection will feature 11 “professional grade products” in colours ranging “from ultra fair to deep brunette, from warm to ash tones” by the end of this year. The first two products, a micro-stroke pencil and a brow veil, were officially launched in London last month.

“After 15 years of hand-shaping and defining brows, I know exactly what clients want in an eyebrow product,” says Amy Jean.

“Savvy women are highly aware that eyebrows are a key part of perfecting their overall look, but they don’t always have the right tools to easily achieve a ‘wow brow’.

“The Privée Collection is the trump card they’ve been waiting for. They’re professional-grade products that offer precision application and guarantee pro-like perfection, even for the artistically challenged.”

The Amy Jean Privée Collection micro-stroke pencil

She further explains that the products in the range “are not common” or “what’s typically expected to be the norm” in an eyebrow range.

“I’ve tailored each product to fulfil what’s ‘missing’ rather than copy what’s already available.

“My advantage is I’m the artist and the consumer.

“My artistic side wants functionality and a good colour diversity for different skin types, then my consumer side wants a luxurious aesthetic with durable packaging.

“If I wouldn’t buy it for personal use or on my clients then I won’t pursue offering it on the market.”

The collection will be sold in Amy Jean’s brow agencies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well as  at her international pop-up salons in London, Paris, Milan, New York and LA, and at