Eye of Horus Cosmetics marketing manager Cait Provan and sales manager Charlotte Southard on stage at the company's 6th birthday event

Eye of Horus Cosmetics, a Byron Bay based cosmetics brand that launched with just one black mascara six years ago, celebrated its birthday on the weekend with around 100 guests at The Huxley School of Makeup on the Gold Coast on the weekend.

Professional Beauty spoke to Eye of Horus marketing manager Cait Provan about the brand’s growth:

When did Eye of Horus Cosmetics launch?
“Eye of Horus Cosmetics officially launched at the Sydney Beauty Expo in 2012 after starting out selling at local NSW markets. Co-owner Holly Spierings wanted to create safe yet highly effective eye makeup for sensitive eyes. The cosmetic range (which is inspired by the ancient Egyptians) features ancient natural ingredients to deliver the best quality and highest performing products possible to make every woman feel like a true goddess.”

How has the company/brand expanded since then?
“Eye of Horus Cosmetics started in Melbourne and moved to Byron Bay in its early years where it opened its industrial warehouse and headquarters. Back then it was just the four owners working in the business with their hero product the Goddess Mascara, and now it has grown its goddess tribe to a total of 14 staff working with over 50 product SKUs with a lot more planned to be released over the coming years. Initially the brand focused on niche eye products only, but as it grew customers demanded brows, lips and now face products transforming the company into a full colour and face cosmetic company.”

Eyes of Horus Cosmetics founder Amy Lennane

How is the brand different to other makeup brands?
“The illuminating essential range of makeup is based on formulas of the ancient Egyptians, the originators of beauty and mystique, with sacred ingredients including Organic Moringa Oil’ ‒ the ‘Oil of the Pharaohs’ claimed by the Gods for its beautifying and regenerating powers.

The iconic Eye of Horus range takes its inspiration from the ancient Egyptians who wore eye makeup because they believed that it offered magical powers and protection to the wearer. They lined their eyes with black Kohl, creating an almond-shaped eye, The Eye of Horus, which was believed to protect their eyes as well as providing a statement of beauty.

The Eye of Horus mystical imagery in deluxe eye-catching black and gold packaging is a point of difference in the marketplace. People are drawn to the brand and once they try the products they become life-long loyal customers.”

Where is the brand sold?
“Eye of Horus Cosmetics is available globally from its online store and has exported to New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, the UK and Europe. The brand is also stocked in health stores, pharmacies and salons (where it is a perfect fit due to its deluxe packaging and high quality performance) around Australia.”

What plans do you have for the brand for the next 12 months?
“Eye of Horus will be adding a new red lipstick to the range it launched last year and then launching a new collection of lip liners and 10 bright long lasting lipsticks by the end of  this year. Going into 2019 Eye of Horus will launch its first ever face products including highlighters, concealers, primer, and liquid and powder foundations.”