Cartridge waxing is great for busy salons after a fast, efficient and virtually mess-free way of applying wax. 


Cartridge waxing is great for large areas such as the legs.
Cartridge waxing is great for large areas such as the legs.


Cartridge waxing is an economical solution for waxing large areas such as the legs, arms, back and chest. They’re especially good for those who do a lot of strip waxing, but have trouble maintaining their pace when using a spatula.


Here are a few tips for professional cartridge waxing:

1. Roll and test: Roll a new cartridge on to a wax strip before use on a client to ensure the wax is heated and flowing through the cartridge head evenly.

2. Light touch: Use light application and never force the cartridge to roll on the skin. The wax will flow more evenly if you hold the cartridge forwards on a 45 degree angle.

3. Keep it clean: Wipe away drips off the cartridge head in between applications using a wax strip and Caronlab After Waxing Oil.

4. Keep the temperature even: Always keep a consistent working temperature on the heater dial.


Caronlab has a great range of cartridge waxes
Caronlab has a great range of cartridge waxes


5. Cartridge skirts: For added protection against wax dribbles, use the cartridge skirts to collect any drips. And always make sure you wipe any wax residue off the heater with a wax remover such as Caronlab Citrus Clean.

6. Don’t re-use cartridges: A new cartridge or cartridge head should be used on each client. Fixed head cartridges are single use only. While refillable head cartridges can be removed and sanitized before refilling the cartridge with refills.

7. Wipe up the drips: Never allow waxing residue to leak into the heater as the empty cartridge could get stuck inside and ruin the system.

8. Don’t overheat cartridges: If using more than one heater, ensure you rotate the cartridges so that they are not over-heated for a long period of time.



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