7 wellness trends set to boom this year


Raison d’Etre, the global spa consultancy and think tank for wellness, has revealed the seven Wellness Trends set to grow in popularity this year – and beyond.

The ‘Seven Mid-Year Wellness Trends’ are:

The Power of Brains – an increase in demand for mental wellness, brain workouts and stimulating activities within spas and health clubs

Nutritarianism – Creating personalised nutrition plans with a focus on gut bacteria issues, nootropics and dietary requirements or preferences

Optimised Living – working with material, light, air and sound to improve sleep quality

Kids Wellness – a response to lots of reports and media attention on wellness among children at home, in school and during travel and vacations, contributing to their development

Accessible and affordable wellness – creating more varied packages that help to make aspects of spa more accessible with more flexibility with mixing and matching package offerings

Hashtag Treatments – maximising as much as possible with social media obsessions and trends and also working closely with influential individuals and celebrities

The Contrasts – A focus on connectivity, information overdose and silent retreats, the contrasts in our daily lives in terms of exercise, temperature and food too incorporating trend-lead diets such as the 5:2.

Anna-Cari Gund, managing director at Raison d’Etre, said that “an awareness of growing trends” was essential for all businesses in the spa, hotels and lifestyle businesses – and beauty beauty salons.

The consultancy was therefore now monitoring trends on a monthly basis to ensure its international partners can make informed decisions on their business developments so that they can incorporate “trend-lead themes into new packages or adjust operations in response”.

The full report on Raison d’Etre Mid-Year Wellness Trends 2017 is being released weekly on the Raison d’Etre blog at www.raisondetreblog.com

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