Winter is the time when your clients’ skin is covered up in winter woollies, exposed to extreme temperatures and soaked in hot baths and showers. We talk to Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder and Creator of Elemis Therapies about the common winter-related skin mistakes your clients could be making – and how to solve them.


How to look after winter skin
How to look after winter skin


#1 They’re not eating as much fresh food

“Winter brings with it harsh weather, shorter days, less sunshine, a dramatic change in diet from seasonal salads and fruits to soups and warmer food,” says Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder and Creator of Elemis Therapies. “It all has a direct impact on skin tone and radiance.”

The solution: “All winter skin needs nourishment and extra nutrients,” says Gabriel. So encourage your clients to keep up a healthy tally of fresh fruit and vegetables. Sure, healthy soups and stews count but persuade them to eat salads, lightly steamed vegetables and fresh fruit too.


#2 They’re in and out of heating 

“Winter weather effects our skin in many different ways. The quite sudden variance in temperature can be very traumatic to the skin and lead to a higher risk of sensitivity, dryness, dehydration and a lack of vibrancy all over,” says Gabriel. “Not only does our outside climate change drastically and become harsh but our inside temperature also dramatically changes during the winter. Hot, dry air from heating systems may also cause the skin to get quite confused and purge more oil to the surface which can lead in blocked pores and break outs for some around the face.”

The solution: Educate your clients that might need to think about changing up their winter skincare routine.

“During the winter months it is wise to introduce an extra layer under your day time moisturiser to help the skin adjust to the challenges made on it,” says Gabriel.


#3 They’re not exfoliating enough

It’s cold, they’d prefer to stay in bed five minutes longer instead of exfoliating their skin, we get it. But not buffing the skin regularly can lead to problems such as a build up of dead skin cells, rough skin, bumps and flakiness.

The solution:

Skip those last five minutes of shut-eye and commit to regular exfoliation. “Sloughing away dead skin cells twice a week will keep the skin responding and functioning at its peak,” says Gabriel. She  recommends body brushing before bath or shower.

“A minute of quick, light body brushing on the hips, thighs, bum, tummy and backs of arms speeds up the detoxification process – bearing in mind that the skin is the largest eliminative organ of the body. ”


#4 They’re enjoying too-hot baths

“Never bathe in hot water,” says Gabriel. “Extreme heat can cause broken veins and a very hot bath does dry out the skin very quickly which can result in in-grown hairs, leading to spots around the bikini line and backs of thighs.”

The solution: Your clients can still enjoy a good soak, they just need to dial the temperature down to 37 degrees. “Run a warm bath to body temperature,” says Gabriel. encourage them to invest in a bath thermometer or “test with the back of your hand” – if it feels warm but not too hot, it’s the right temperature.


#5 They’re drying out skin with soap

Many clients worry about what’s going onto their faces but forget all about the rest of their body. encouraging them to put the bar of soap down can be a challenge but they dry skin out because they “rob the body of any natural oils and feed into skin irritations and dehydration,” says Gabriel.

The solution: ”Try to avoid soap, high alkaline products and products with detergents and alcohol,” says Gabriel. Instead look for  hydrating, oil-based cleansing products that offer skin protection during the winter months.


#6 They’re not using the right products 

“The body is challenged to adjust to the extreme temperature changes,” says Gabriel. If your clients are using dehydrating products, or products that don’t have enough nourishment, the skin could be exposed.  on their skin The perfect treatments are those where the body is polished and drizzled with nourishing oils.”

The solution:

Encourage your clients to invest in nourishing, protective, winter-weight products – and book in for indulgent winter treatments.

“During the winter months it’s important to switch to oil based products,” says Gabriel. “At Elemis we have a wide variety of spa treatments that perfect for the winter months. For body, I would recommend the Frangipani Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap. It’s a beautiful warming treatment with layers of nourishing oils and milks; the wrap enhances the absorption of the products so skin is silky smooth and thirst quenched.”




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