We ask Rachel Taylor, social media guru and marketing coordinator for The Global Beauty Group, for her six best social media tips to take your beauty business into the digital age.


A few social media tips and tricks will get your beauty business the edge.
A few social media tips and tricks will get your beauty business the edge.


Facebook can be more powerful that a website 

“Practically everyone is on Facebook nowadays, sharing information and looking for information,” says Rachel Taylor. “A Facebook page can be even more powerful than a dot com address.” In order to make it work, Rachel says potential clients should be able to access all necessary information about your salon via your Facebook page. “From location to trading hours, contact numbers and available services,” says Rachel. “If it’s not there, they may not bother looking any further and take their business elsewhere.”


Start a conversation 

The most popular person at a party is the one that engages. Same goes for a social media platform. “Don’t be afraid to ask your audience questions and thoughts on topics to encourage direct communication and start that vital conversation,” says Rachel Taylor. This can even be done while you’re promoting your own services. “Asking clients to communicate their skin concerns, like a mini e-consultation, is an excellent way to respond and demonstrate your knowledge on the topic and recommend the treatments that would benefit them,” says Rachel.


Know your brand (and stick to it)

Your social media platforms are a direct reflection of your brand so always keep that in mind when posting. “Social media is a brilliant way to provide clients, and potential clients, a snapshot of your business vibe – from the look of your salon, your staff and your heartfelt business philosophies,” says Rachel. Rachel suggests creating a vision and a feeling for the reader, and keep it consistent. “Ask yourself, are you a chic, luxury pampering oasis? Or an eco-friendly wellness spa?” says Rachel. “Or maybe you’re a stripped down, no-nonsense, tried-and-true beauty salon. Identify your salon’s theme and build upon that.”


Social media is vital to a beauty business's success.
Social media is vital to a beauty business’s success.


Follow and share influencers

Sharing or re-tweeting industry-relevant content is a great way to ramp up social media engagement, while also demonstrating your allegiance with key influencers, says Rachel. Market leaders, publications and public personalities are all good targets. “Key influencers like The Global Beauty Group, can be prominent leaders in the industry, or influential industry publications like Professional Beauty!” says Rachel Taylor. “Key influencers may also include public personalities who you feel reflect your vibe, vision and identity.” According to Rachel, the beauty of shared content is that it changes up and enhances your own content, while also demonstrating that  your business is engaged with the best in the industry.


Encourage feedback

“Positive reviews are vital for spreading the word and enhancing your business reputation,” says Rachel. She suggests having signage in your salon encouraging customers to ‘check in’ at your location when they Instagram, or “offer a small discount or incentive for those who leave a review on your Facebook page.” Creating an official brand hashtag that customers can use across all platforms is a great way to get customer feedback. The Global Beauty Group has its hastag, #ProjectWonderful to link up all the up-to-the-minute things happening in aesthetics and beauty equipment right now.


Get promoting

Give your fans on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter the VIP treatment by offering exclusive online-only promotions, says Rachel. “In exchange for a review, sharing a picture from their latest treatment, or simply liking or following your pages, you can offer special promos or a free gift with their next purchase,” Rachel says. Instagram is a great tool for this. “Ask entrants to upload a picture that ties in with the terms of the competition and use your official brand hashtag to track the entries,” suggests Rachel. “This strategy also simultaneously builds more usage and exposure of your hashtag so it’s a win-win!”



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