Waxing expert and Caronlab founder Lilliane Caron spills her top five tips for cleaning your treatment room between waxing appointments…

“I’ve spent some time in a number of salons recently, and one thing I noticed was that many therapists were not cleaning properly or efficiently. Simply by not cleaning efficiently, I’ve seen therapists wasting precious time, energy and money,” says waxing expert and Caronlab founder, Lilliane Caron.

According to Caron, who now runs waxing workshops for salons that cover time and money saving cleaning tips, getting your client’s first impression of your salon right, is everything when it comes to ensuring repeat business.

“When a client walks into your salon, they are looking to see a fresh, clean and hygienic environment. They don’t want to see the left over pubic hair from the client before them, a trolley setup covered in wax and a bin full of hairy strips,” explains Caron.

Though back to back appointments and limited prep time are often the bane of the waxing specialist’s existence, Caron says you can achieve a clean and organised room in around just a minute by following her top five tips for fast success…

1. Be resourceful

“Use the last strip from a treatment as your cleaning tool. Spray the wipe with an after waxing oil or heavy duty cleaning solvent if necessary and use it to polish your waxing equipment,” recommends Caron.

2. Out of sight, out of mind

Caron advises keeping items like your bin out of view, to avoid creating an impression of uncleanliness. “Hide your messy bin by folding up the head rest and placing it into the bin while pushing down the contents.”

3. Rearrange

“Have ancillaries with trigger spray handles that can hang off the side of your trolley. This will give you more room for your wax pots and will avoid getting wax on them,” says Caron.

4. All about the base

Caron says simply investing in the right holding base for your wax can result in less downtime cleaning between appointments. “Make sure you have a pot that is efficient, with interchangeable skirts for both hard and strip wax.” Try a system where the wax jars are placed directly into the metal insert allowing wax to be easily heated up in the microwave and placed it into the pot.

5. Go water soluble

“Using a water soluble strip wax will speed up your cleaning time as it simply washes off with water,” says Caron. “Not only is it easy to clean but it will also decrease the amount of chemicals you use in your salon saving you much needed dollars when it comes to purchasing cleaning products.”


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