3 steps to a sparkling clean wax room

Do you turn around at the end of the day and need to spend a couple of hours cleaning? Lilliane Caron, owner and director of Caronlab Australia gives us her top tips on how to minimise your cleaning time while keeping your salon hygienic and sparkling.


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A clean and sparkling wax treatment room only takes a few minutes after each appointment.

“When it comes to the beauty industry, a first impression is a lasting impression,” says Lilliane Caron owner and director of Caronlab Australia. “When a client walks into your salon they are looking to see a fresh, clean and hygienic environment.”

Right now, before the busy summer period begins, is the perfect moment to get your salon’s cleaning routine up to scratch. “Cleaning can waste precious time, energy and money, but never-the-less, it has to be done!” says Lilliane.

Lilliane’s top tip is to clean efficiently and often. “At the end of a long day the last thing you want to do is spend another two hours cleaning the salon, and who can blame you.” says Lilliane. “You only need to spend a minute or two cleaning between each client to prevent yourself a long and time-consuming clean up at the end of each day.”

Lilliane Caron’s 3 quick steps to sparkling… 

Lilliane has three quick steps to get your salon gleaming. “These quick tidy tips should take you no longer than two minutes,” says Lilliane. “If it takes you much longer than that, you’re probably making too much of a mess during the treatment and may need to reassess your technique.”

Quick step #1: Wipe and re-organise

“Wipe around the top of your wax heater, re-organising your trolley and make sure your products are placed in the order you need them,” says Lilliane Caron.

Quick step #2: Roll and toss 

Used towels and the bin are areas that, if left unattended, clients will notice. “Roll up the bed roll from the previous client and place it on top of the bin to conceal the used wax strips from the client before,” says Lilliane.

Caronlab Micro Defence Spray keeps the treatment room hygienically clean.
Caronlab Micro Defence Spray.

Quick step #3: Disinfect

Lastly, give everything a good clean. “Spray your equipment and surfaces with hospital grade disinfectant so that you and your next client are protected from any germs or bacteria.” Try Caronlab Micro Defence Spray.

“Do these simple tasks as you work mean there’s nothing to do at the end of the day other than empty the bin!” says Lilliane. We like the sound of that.

If you think you may need a refresher course on how to keep your salon hygienically clean, Caronlab offer Waxing Workshops to salons and therapists, which equip them with techniques and advice on how to cut cleaning time dramatically.




To learn more about Lilliane Caron’s time & money saving tips, visit www.caronlab.com.au



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