14 Signs You’ve Worked In A Salon Way Too Long

“Alcohol gets me through my day!”

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Fantasising about slapping clients, learning to despise wax pots and concluding human beings are animals? Yep, you’re a beauty therapist alright. Maybe you’ve even had some warning signs you’ve been in this gig a little too long…

1. You’ve lost faith in people’s ability to follow basic instructions.

“I needed to get naked for my underarm wax, right?”

2. You don’t think children should be allowed ANYWHERE.

“What part of ‘Don’t touch the wax’ didn’t your little angel understand?”

3. You’ve learned not to expect your massage clients to look like this:

“What’s that? You want a full rubdown, Channing Tatum?”

4. And instead expect them to look like this:

“I took two showers. It wasn’t enough. Nothing will ever be enough.” Shudder.

5. This has really become the bane of your existence…

6. This barely phases you anymore.

“I’d like a pedicure. The last time I clipped my toenails was 1985.”

7. You’ve spent so much time filing, massaging and ripping that you’ve developed one oddly strong arm.

(Source: mirror.co.uk)

8. You now can’t go anywhere overnight without multiple bags of products for all the makeovers you know you’ll be obligated to perform on friends and family.

9. You know Jail Bait, Lonesome Dove and Sugar Daddy are actually nail polish names and not porn stars.

10. And you know this really isn’t what it looks like.

11. You’ve lost the will to give a damn that you client is having a baby/getting married/got a new job.

12. There are times you’ve considered doing this at the reception desk, just so you can avoid stupid people.

13. And you often have to restrain yourself from doing this when clients annoy you.

14. But mostly, you wish your salon was just like this:

Have your say: How many of these things regularly happen to you?


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