13 Reasons 2015’s the Year of the Vagina

It’s poised to be the year of the perfectly coiffed vajayjay.

Source: centerforfemalesexuality.com

Forget facials, leg waxes and cellulite treatments, this year is all about beautifying the vagina.

Call it what you will – your client’s hoo-hah, vajayjay or lady garden – there have never been more options to have it looking its best, and salons that are offering them are cashing in.

So prepare to get more familiar with your client’s cha-cha, because 2015 is poised to be the year of the perfectly coiffed vagina. And if you don’t offer them already, you might want to consider adding these treatments to your salon menu…

1. The Vajacial

First pioneered by a New York salon last year, the vaginal facial treatment is fast becoming the hottest new beauty trend. Also refered to as a ‘peach smoothie’, it essentially involves the same process as a traditional facial, only focused on the vulva area.

2. Vagina Steam Baths

A big hit in Korea at the moment, vagina steam baths use the process of steam to gently infuse specialised herbs, to treat a variety of health concerns while nourishing the skin, into the vagina. Clients sit over steam machines for around 30 minutes to get their fix.

3. Vajazzling

Source: thats-what-she-said.ca
Source: thats-what-she-said.ca

If you work in the beauty industry and haven’t heard of vajazzling, chances are you’ve been living under a rock. Popularised by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who introduced the world to the idea in an interview in 2010, it’s now featured on many Sydney salon treatment menus at a cost of around $20.

4. The next level Brazilian

Source: free-range.org.uk
Source: free-range.org.uk

The Brazilian has become so popular, entire salons are devoted to the now iconic waxing treatment. And to take bored clients to the next level, they’re offering pubic hair shapes above and beyond the little ‘fig leaf’ many clients request left behind. Think love hearts, arrows, and even words.

5. Neon hair down there

Source: bettybeauty.com
Source: bettybeauty.com

Clients are requesting their therapists mix it up by adding a burst of super bright colour to their pubic hair. Specialised pubic hair dyes like Betty Beauty come in shades like hot pink and neon green as well as more natural hues, allowing clients to ‘be a true blonde…down there.’

6. Vatooing

Source: theluxuryspot.com
Source: theluxuryspot.com

Touted as ‘the new vajazzling’, vatooing involves airbrushing a temporary tattoo onto your client’s pubic area. The complexity and creativity of the designs is limited only by your imagination.

7. The hat for your vagina

Source: vaj-jvisor.com
Source: vaj-jvisor.com

This is kind of cute. The Va j-j Visor looks like a tiny little visor, for your client’s vagina. Its purpose? Covering the labia and inner vulva during waxing, dyeing and tanning to protect the delicate skin. Nifty.

8. There’s laser for the vagina now, too

Laser treatments aren’t reserved for the face and body anymore. Clients can have laser hair removal performed on their vulvas for permanantly smooth nether reigons, and there’s even a new internal laser technology that works to tighten and reinvigorate the vagina, already proving a hit with women going through menopause.

9. And sugar

Watch out wax, there’s a new competitor in town – sugar. Body sugaring is a similar process to waxing, but is touted as being much kinder to the bikini area due to its natural properties and ability to melt deep into the pores and remove hair from the roots, cutting back on ingrowns and leaving your client’s vulva hair free for up to twice as long as waxing.

10. Vaginal bleaching

Clients concerned their lady parts have lost their sparkle needn’t fear; there’s a treatment for that. Vaginal bleaching or dyeing involves gently bleaching the vulva area and labia back to a bright pink hue, and has already become a huge trend in India.

11. The pubic hair wig

Source: groupthink.jezebel.com
Source: groupthink.jezebel.com

Last year, the bush made a big comeback, and with many clients now shunning Brazilians in favour of a more natural look, pubic hair wigs, also known as ‘merkins’, have grown (pun intended) in popularity.

12. The designer vagina

At the extreme end of the scale, a heightened focus on beautified vaginas has resulted in increased demand for labiaplasties, cosmetic surgical procedures which usually involve trimming the labia lips to create a more ‘tucked away’ appearance. While you won’t perform this in your salon, chances are, you’ll start seeing more clients who’ve had it done.

13. A rose by any other name

Source: ivillage.ca
Source: ivillage.ca

Less of a treatment and more of an example of how far we’ve come, beauty products now shamelessly brand themselves as vagina-specific treatments. Where once these products were referred to as ‘for intimate areas’ with vague names that didn’t give much away, cheeky slang terms like ‘Pink Button’ and ‘Coochie’ that embrace the beauty and personality of the vagina now abound, so there’s no reason to be shy about that cherry pie anymore.

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