Almost all American women now use makeup with skincare benefits, according to the latest report by global information company The NPD Group.

Ninety percent of the women surveyed in the company’s 2018 Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report reported using makeup with skincare benefits.

Sixty-two percent said they use makeup with moisturising benefits (four percentage points more than in 2016), and over one-third of foundation users consider pore minimising to be an important foundation benefit (three percentage points more than two years ago).

The goods news for the skincare industry is that the usage of these products does not appear to be replacing or cannibalising consumers’ skincare routines, as two-thirds of women stated they use these makeup products in addition to separate skincare offering the same benefits.

NPD beauty industry analyst Larissa Jensen says that the study of the US prestige beauty market from January to May this year found that “more women are using makeup and they are also using more products, on average, in a typical day compared to two years ago”.

“At the same time, the consumer mindset today places greater emphasis on taking care of the skin in order to prevent flaws, rather than covering up flaws as they appear,” she says.

“Consumer expectations of makeup products have heightened as a result of skincare’s influence on format and efficacy.”

The report also found that consumers’ number one reason for wearing makeup is still to “enhance the way they look,” but more women today than two years ago are looking for makeup products that moisturise, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimise pores and reduce redness.

“Skincare (which experienced 13 percent growth in the US prestige beauty market in the first five months of this year compared to makeup’s one percent) has created a winning story around ingredients, innovation, wellness, and great skin at any age,” says Jensen.

“Makeup brands and manufacturers are tearing a page from skincare’s playbook by leveraging skincare positioning in their own product offerings.

“This is a step in the right direction, as I expect the interaction and shared learnings between these two emotional categories will prove mutually beneficial.”

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