Say hello to the latest beauty craze. It involves an intense heat device and your client’s lady bits.

There’s no doubting the fact 2015 is the year of the vagina. With a more extensive array of vajayjay beautification options than ever before, the world is your client’s oyster. Literally, and metaphorically.

And with women more focused on getting their nether regions looking their best, the demand for more invasive beauty treatments ‘down there’ is higher than ever before. Which may explain the rise of the latest craze buzzing through the beauty world: ‘vontouring’, a form of contouring, for your, er, you-know-what.

Unlike its predecessor, vontouring doesn’t call upon your expertise with highlighter and bronzer, but uses a small thermal pen-like device to stimulate collagen production when held against the skin of the vagina, promoting the labia to plump and tighten.

The device, known as the Protégé Intima, combines RF-lifting (high frequency magnet field) and ultrasound to gently increase collagen production to the labia and tighten the entrance to the vagina.

Now, to answer the question on everyone’s lips (pun unintended), why would anyone want this treatment? Well, besides improving the aesthetic of the vulva area, vontouring is being hailed the new holy grail for menopausal women and people suffering from loss of sexual sensation.

In a recent study of clients who received a series of vontouring treatments, 60 per cent said they experienced a ‘moderate to excellent’ impact on their sexual sensation, and consequently their libido.

While the treatment is a much gentler, less invasive alternative to labiaplasty, you won’t be seeing it pop up in Australian beauty salons any time soon, however similar devices, such as the Mona Lisa Touch, which uses a gentle laser to tighten and improve blood flow to the vaginal walls, are already gaining popularity in cosmetic clinics and medi-spas.

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