Payot, the 98-year-old French skincare brand, has launched its first skincare range designed to fight the effect of “desychronised skin biorhythms” caused by a lack of exposure to natural light, excessive exposure to blue screens, and the often resulting lack of sleep.

The Payot Blue Techni Liss ‘chrono-active smoothing range’ combines two hyaluronic acids (crosslinked and high molecular weight) to “smooth the surface of the skin and plump it from within” with Horehound and Chaste Tree  extracts to help “re-synchronise the skin’s natural bio-rhythms and mitigate the impact of blue light”.

It is made up of five products:

  • Blue Techni Liss Concentré chrono-plumping Serum
  • Blue Techni Liss Jour chrono-smoothing cream
  • Blue Techni Liss Regard chrono-smoothing gel
  • Blue Techni Liss Nuit chrono regenerating balm
  • Blue Techni Liss Week-end chrono-renewing peel mask

Payot Australia national educator and sales manager Jodie Whiley says today’s “frenetic lifestyles” often put our biological clocks out of sync.

“This has an impact on our lives as biological rhythms are based on a 24-hour cycle and regulate most of our biological and behavioural functions including sleep, body temperature, hormone production, mood, memory and skin,” she explains.

“Today there is less and less difference between day and night, and it shows.

“When bio-rhythms are disturbed, the skin does not function properly resulting in a tired appearance, dehydration, a dull complexion and more pronounced wrinkles.”

According to Payot, the effect of blue light on skin ageing is a growing concern as the latest research shows that 90 percent of 20-65 year olds are spending at least five hours a day in front of blue light emitting screens and “blue light overexposure has been found to damage human keratinocytes causing ageing similar to UVA radiations”.

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