Although eyebrow tattooing is often touted as the ‘cure’ for sparse uneven brows, sometimes the increasingly popular treatment is unable to create the sought after perfectly symmetrical look.

Caz Young, a Sydney-based aesthetic nurse with more than 20 years’ experience, says the demand for cosmetic injectable treatments to help brows “look more like sisters than estranged cousins” is steadily increasing.

“I’m constantly amazed at how much demand there is for symmetry, more definition and a higher arch through the brows,” she says.

“The highly specialised treatment now makes up roughly 50 percent of our business at Metica (Caz’s clinic) and the demand isn’t just local, my colleagues overseas attest to the fact that it is a global trend.”

According to Caz, for “the ultimate brow lift”both cosmetic injectables and tattoo treatments are required to “create eye brow definition, symmetry and height” .

“Eyebrow tattooing can somewhat trick the eye into appearing more balancedbut some clients have muscle asymmetry which may creep back in when they talk and make exaggerated facial expressions,” she says.

“These are the clients that really benefit from corrective cosmetic injecting.”

Caz Young with a brow client at Metica

At Metica, Caz offers clients “two advanced treatments” using muscle relaxants and dermal fillers to improve brows.

She says the results from the corrective treatments can last up to five months but varies from person to person.

“Most people usually have ongoing treatments four months apart. This ensures the desired results can be maintained over time.”

Although the treatments only offer a temporary ‘cure’ for non-symmetrical brows, Caz stresses they can also prevent, or at least delay, some age-related conditions such as hooded eyelids.

Nonetheless she stresses non-surgical brow correction/lift treatments “are not a replacement for surgery”.

“In some cases our doctors may need to refer clients to a cosmetic surgeon to discuss their options.

She concludes that people unhappy with their brows should consult with a cosmetic tattooist and cosmetic injector to find the “best path” to their desired results.

Not surprisingly she also recommends that cosmetics tattooists and cosmetic injectors should develop close working relationships to achieve the best incomes for their clients

“When there is a supportive, artistic and great communication between tatooists and injectors clients are overjoyed with results, says Caz who works closely with renowned eyebrow tattoo clinic, Amy Jean Brow Agency.

“Metica and the Amy Jean Brow Agency team bounce people back and forth until the client’s goal is reached,” she says.