Heber Davis Skin Clinic Turns 25

Dr Geoffrey Heber and Dr Deborah Davis celebrates 25 years of non-surgical practice at their Sydney skin clinic.  

Academy Botox
Dr Deborah Davis performing a treatment

When the first Heber Davis walk-in and walk-out, non-surgical practice opened in a small terrace in the Sydney suburb of Annandale in 1988, non-surgical skin rejuvenation was in its infancy, collagen was the only filler on the market and Botox had yet to be discovered.

Even then, working as a hair transplant surgeon, Dr Geoffrey Heber recognised market demand for affordable, non-surgical rejuvenation and expanding beyond being a single service provider to offering the full spectrum of non-invasive cosmetic treatments under one roof. His clinic was one of the first in Australia to offer this innovative concept at a time when the choice for consumers was a facial, or surgery, with no options in between.

Now a quarter of a century later the popularity of non-surgical, non-invasive treatments exceeds requests for surgical interventions as new injectable, laser and skin treatments deliver greater results.

Dr Geoff Heber  Deb Davis
Dr Geoffrey Heber and Dr Deborah Davis 

“Over the past 25 years we’ve watched the aesthetic market explode. Consumer demand for non-invasive rejuvenation treatments have driven a rapid expansion in all types of technologies and treatments. Popularity of non-surgical non-invasive treatments has far outstripped requests for surgical interventions as new injectable, laser and skin treatments deliver increasingly impressive results,” said Dr Davis and Dr Heber.

In the 90s Dr Heber identified the need to complement these advances in treatments with more active, result-driven skincare products, introducing the Ultraceuticals range of professional and in-clinic treatments, formulated to address skin ageing, pigmentation and acne.

For more information visit http://www.heberdavis.com.au/

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