Sukin survey confirms growth in sustainable skincare seekers

A recent, global survey conducted by Sukin – Australian natural skincare, has highlighted a change in the way the skincare user selects their brand of choice. As more brands become accountable for their eco-footprint, savvy skincare consumers are actively seeking products that minimise this irreversible stamp on the environment.

When over 3,300 skincare users, across 21 countries, were consulted on the most important elements of the brand, a considerable 13% pointed to Sukin’s commitment to sustainability and environmental ethos as their single, most important purchase trigger.

Sustaining accreditation with the Carbon Reduction Institute since 2008, Sukin works to limit their carbon omissions and in addition, has to date, secured off-sets equal to removing more than 1,700 cars from the road. This equates to 24,861,034 less kilometres being travelled, meaning cleaner air and a significant reduction in carbon pollution.

Sukin’s care for the environment doesn’t stop there, with products packaged in minimal and recyclable materials, and merchandised in display units, made from sustainable plantation pine.

With no animal testing and animal derivatives used, Sukin is 100% vegan, accredited by CCF (Choose Cruelty Free Australia). Sukin also heartily supports a variety of eco-marketing initiatives, such as the Keep Australia Beautiful limited release product, set for continuation into its third year in 2012.

Not bad for a young Australian company that will celebrate its 5th birthday later this year. With a tagline “Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth”, Sukin aims to not only consider the environment at every turn, but keep products cost effective, with no single item retailing for over $24.

This, positioning is priceless, accordingly to CEO, Alison Goodger, who adds “this recent survey also revealed a confident Sukin user with over 99% of users happy to recommend Sukin to their friends and family. There’s simply no better endorsement.”

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References: Above figures are based on those supplied from the Carbon Reduction Institute. Based on a 6 speed manual Toyota Corolla 1.8L 2WD ( consuming 7.3 litres/100km and the average vehicle kilometres of 14,600 per annum (from the ABS, 2007 update).

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