With summer just around the corner and thoughts turning to blissful escapes Anita Quade chats to Trudi Jaye General Manager and Brand Developer of Retreatment Botanics about the lure of award-winning Gaia Retreat & Spa.

Can you tell us what products you stock in the Gaia  Spa?
“We have a selection of professional products that we weave into our treatment rituals, personalised to the needs of every guest. When it comes to skincare and facials, we mainly use our newly launched Retreatment Botanics range. Aside from the fact that our guests request this the most and our therapists love working with the products, we find it really does produce the best results for skin rejuvenation, as well as relaxation and pampering.”

What are the most requested spa treatments at Gaia?
“The most requested treatments are certainly the deluxe spa packages, ranging from the divine Signature Retreatment Botanics Restore Facial, Gaia Goddess, and Dreamtime Travel, to the Crystal Healing Journey and Inner Serenity Package. Other favourites are our steamroom Body Polishes and the Signature Royal Kahuna Massage, which is based on ancient Hawaiian techniques. The Gaia journey captures an authentic spa experience and we invite guests to reconnect, rebalance and allow themselves time to truly restore.”

Any plans for new treatments to add on the menu?
“Our spa menu is very comprehensive, offering an incredible variety of healing modalities, and guests will always find a treatment that meets their needs. Our therapists are some of the best in the world and work intuitively to create the perfect spa ritual for you on that day.”

How important is taking time out for guests to ensure their well-being?
“I see guests burnt out and feeling guilty about taking time out for themselves. That is why our focus is on the individual to help alleviate that guilt and get them back to their heart centre. I believe the explosion of social media and constant connectivity to devices has played a major role in this, as many people can’t shut down and find stillness. Their lives become focused on everything else other than themselves. We aim to inspire people to make a commitment to healthy living and to ignite a love of life.”

How long have you been at Gaia?
“I have been with Gaia for four years now and I have loved every day. It’s such a rewarding role and I love nothing more than to see the stress falling away from guests the second they arrive and feel the special healing energy of the retreat.”

What is your background?
“I trained as a master facialist and skincare specialist in New York and Sydney, as well as a nutrition and wellness counsellor and reflexologist. I have a wealth of experience in the beauty and wellness industry – it’s a real passion!”

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