Caronlab Australia have significantly reduced manufacturing costs, thanks to their involvement in efficiency program, GreenLight.

Despite being based in the small town of Geelong, Caronlab Australia is much bigger than its hometown roots would have you believe.

Known for their innovation and quality, the salon brand manufactures over 450 products and exports to the USA, Europe and Asia, making it Australia’s largest professional wax manufacturer. And it takes a lot of resources, electricity and man-power to make that happen.

So to see if they could make all those resources work harder, along with 34 other Geelong-based businesses, Caronlab Australia recently took part in GreenLight, a 12 month materials and resource efficiency program which is a guide for businesses on how to minimise and avoid waste.

The company’s participation in the program is planned to help development and education in areas that will ultimately result in financial savings.

And it’s already doing its job. The waxing brand have reduced operational waste and improve energy consumption with the electricity consumption down by 3 per cent already.

“Ultimately the program gave us the chance to focus on the sustainability of the business as a whole” said Caronlab Australia CEO, Greg Ure.

Caronlab expects the improvements in resource efficiency to directly impact their bottom line in the future improve cash flow and make their business more profitable and financially sustainable.

“Most businesses will have significant savings and improvement opportunities available that are easy to implement,” said Caronlab finance manager, Ben Spiller.

“It has given us the motivation to consider the improbable, such as the option of recovering wasted wax from salons.”

Recycling wax? Who would have thought that was even possible?

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