Launched in 2010, Streamlined Salon is web-based salon software designed especially for small-to-medium businesses within the hair and beauty industry to help them organise the day-to-day running of their business. We caught up with the founders, husband and wife team Brett and Carrie Baldwin, to find out more.

Carrie and Brett Baldwin

Brett is a web developer who has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. Carrie is a business analyst/accountant who specialised in the Hair and Beauty Industry. "There were two key driving forces behind our decision to build Streamlined Salon," says Carrie. "The first was I had many frustrated hair and beauty clients because they simply couldn’t afford software which meant they really didn’t have the competitive edge the larger salons had in the way of appointment reminders and marketing tools. From that perspective I wanted to ensure that we kept everything affordable and easy-to-use so even single person operations could have the benefits in professionalism that comes with operating online. The second factor in our decision was Brett and I required a change in our current career paths to facilitate a more flexible lifestyle to accommodate an intensive home-based therapy program we are undertaking for our autistic son."

Key features include appointments and sales, staff managing and rostering, reporting and client managing.

We asked Streamlined Salon what sets them apart from other online salon management tools:

Real People – Real Service: We are there for their clients at all times of the day, evening or weekend to assist with any support needs they may have. We know our clients juggle work and life as we do, so we provide a real service whereby our clients know they can call us anytime and we are there to help them out. We offer a boutique service, without the boutique price tag.

Easy to use product: One of our key objectives is to always keep our product as simple as possible to use while still providing amazing features. By utilising the latest web technologies Streamlined Salon is user-friendly and our features are delivered in the most intuitive way possible. We want our clients to be able to login navigate their way through our features on their computer, iPad or iPhone without having to feel like they need days of training.

Clients help shape the product: We really do listen to our clients. When a client has an idea for a new report or an enhancement, we will approach a few of our clients to gauge acceptance. If the idea has legs, it is included in a future release. Our product is solely designed for the hair and beauty industry and we are constantly improving it at no added cost to our clients.

Primary focus is affordability: We strive at all times to ensure we can keep our product affordable and within reach for the small- to medium-business. We know the benefits running your business online can bring and we want to help as many salons as we can. There are no lock-in contracts, and no setup or upgrade costs. All upgrades are automatic and are included with your monthly subscription.

Salon Software customer, Sarah Thompson, of Beleza Beauty, said, "Streamlined Salon has made bookings so simple here at Beleza Beauty. The system is quick to use and saves us a lot of time when it comes to reports and end-of-month financials. I have recommended Streamlined Salon to three therapists in the area who now also enjoy the system. I'd never go back to pen and paper again and best of all support is a phone call away with local people who are so quick to help you find your way around the system. And it’s so affordable too. Congratulations Carrie and Brett we love your system."

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