This Tuesday, beauty media were invited to Café Sopra at Fratelli Fresh in Waterloo, Sydney, to learn more about SQOOM – a revolutionary anti-ageing facial device from Schick Medical.

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Medical President and CEO of Schick Medical, Helmut Schick, had flown in from Germany for the occasion, joining public relations manager Anna Flanders, Dr Serene Lim and Nick Ward from SQOOM Australia, to discuss this exciting launch.

After a delicious fresh breakfast of fruit, muesli and frittata, Dr Schick enlightened guests about the history behind SQOOM’s development. With a background in medical science, Schick Medical was involved in research to help skin diseases and discovered SQOOM technology, developed by Dr Helmut Christ, in 2006. Schick saw the anti-ageing potential of SQOOM and its point of difference to the traditional, often invasive, anti-ageing solutions. “Our network has helped us to generate products and innovative concepts that are natural-based and holistic. Our concept treats the cause of skin ageing, not only the superficial, visible symptoms,” said Dr Schick.

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SQOOM was released on the European market in 2010 and has since won the European Beauty and Spa Award Men’s Category, was a finalist in the Women’s Category and took out the European Business Awards Best Innovation Category. It is now distributed to 40 countries worldwide, including an exclusive deal with Harrods in the UK, and is available to passengers on Swiss Air, Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific.

SQOOM distributor for Australia, Dr Serene says that when she heard about the device she just had to have it! Dr Serene started her career as a GP, trained in acupuncture and researched complementary therapies. She has written a complementary therapy documentary and books, and spent years attending meditation retreats. More recently Dr Serene has embarked on a cosmetic career, sourcing natural and innovative methods to rejuvenate skin with her latest venture being SQOOM.

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Dr Serene explained to guests how SQOOM works and says it uses organic, chemical-free German gels and world-leading patented IONOZYM (ionization and ultrasound) technology. The transducer’s ultrasound vibrations are designed to separate the skin cells to allow the ionization energy to drive the products deep into the skin’s tissue. It vibrates at one million vibrations per second and is said to exfoliate the skin, deep cleanse and reduce pore size. Dr Serene says SQOOM can also help restore collagen and elastin and strengthen the skin so the appearance of visible red veins, pigmented spots and scars may also improve.

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In addition to the gels (designed to be used with the IONOZYM device) SQOOM have a moisturiser they nickname the “Facelift Moisturiser” that can be used alone. It is called XcentialSkinCare and contains Argirline – a new patented active ingredient which Dr Serene calls ‘botox in a bottle.’ “It is one of the most exciting ingredients to appear on the skincare scene in recent years,” she says. The active ingredient is said to work on a neural level, acting as a gatekeeper between your brain and muscles to limit muscle contraction.

The SQOOM Concept includes SQOOM Cosmetic and SQOOM Medical. While the Cosmetic side of the business has been launched in Australia, the Medical treatments are still pending TGA approval.

SQOOM is available online at

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