Advanced Cosmeceuticals welcomed Danielle Tsoklis, Silhouet-Tone's international director of education, to Australia at the beginning of May.

Training session

Guests in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth enjoyed a full day of education and training on Silhouet Tone's aesthetic equipment. Attendees learnt about the latest technology of the award winning Skin Remodelling System and Lumicell Wave 6, a body sculpting machine that works with five technologies synergistically for maximum results.

Solitone 2500 Treatment

According to Advanced Cosmeceuticals, the Skin Remodeling System is the first to offer an innovative proprietary remodelling treatment by combining the synergy of five scientifically proven technologies, for outstanding results. The Skin Remodeling System is a new skin rejuvenation system that effectively stimulates new collagen growth in the deeper skin layers, replacing aged and sun damaged collagen, plumping the skin, smoothing wrinkles and tightening skin and muscles.

Lumicell Wave 6

Lumicell Wave 6 is a body treatment device that uses the most up-to-date technological advances. Advanced Cosmeceuticals say it is the only device that offers a targeted solution and a personalised approach to all cellulite-related problems, in addition to addressing body remodelling and drainage needs. The results are spectacular, unmatched, fast and exceptionally long lasting say Advanced Cosmeceuticals.

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