The Swedes swear by it and with its cult-like following in the UK and US, it’s been a hot topic of conversation with women (and men) in another 19 countries worldwide. Finally, Australia is about to see what all the fuss is about!

Landing down under is the Yantra Mat – the non-invasive, portable and affordable acupressure mat boasting instant overnight improvements for stress, sleep deprivation, muscle tension, aching joints, neck and back pain, circulation problems, or simply a lack of energy.

With its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, the healing art of acupressure dates as far back as over 4,000 years ago where ‘nail beds’ were used to heal stressed bodies and minds. The Yantra Mat brings this philosophy back to the here and now, with its rows of raised ‘flowers’, specially designed to create 8,820 acupressure contact points.

Before you think the Yantra Mat is reserved only for those clued up on yoga, meditation or acupressure, think again. Suitable for almost everyone, all you have to do is lie down and the mat will take care of the rest. Surprisingly comfortable, the first sensation you’ll notice is a gradual warmth spread along your body – a sign of increased blood flow and a natural response to acupressure.

The pressure points calibrated to give equal pressure provoke the kind of clarity and focus that usually comes from prolonged mediation or intense physical activity, and help release endorphins and oxytocins (natural pain relief and feel-good hormones) which can be felt immediately and promote relaxation and a restful sleep.

Forget about the time and costs associated with a trip to a salon or clinic – the Yantra Mat is your very own mobile remedy for stress, fatigue, headaches, back or neck pain. Complete with a handy travel bag, it’s easy to use at home, work, as part of yoga or even when travelling. For best results the mat should ideally be used for 20 minutes a day.

The Yantra Mat is made of cotton and foam rubber padding and is available for $84.95 in purple, green and black. Also available is the Yantra Kit ($49.95) and Yantra Slippers ($64.95).

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