Emsculpt NEO body contouring and sculpting technology launches in Australia

Sydney-based studio Vive Active has brought the latest body sculpting and contouring technology Emsculpt NEO to Australia, and it’s now expanded to three additional locations (Dr. Saras & Co. in Sydney suburb Annandale and The Derm Lab and Eastern Plastic Surgery both in Melbourne).

“We are so humbled to be chosen as one of the first to launch the world-leading Emsculpt NEO technology here in Australia. Vive Active is built on the premise of tech and exercise intertwined, always challenging how you can get the best out of your workouts, and I want to make sure our members are continuing to look at wellness through a much larger lens,” says Louise Keats, Co-Founder and Director of Vive Active.

Gareth Pepper Sales Director of BTL Aesthetics Australia says “BTL Aesthetics and Vive Active are both trailblazers in the wellness and fitness space, and we are thrilled to be partnering with such a well-established and innovative brand for the Australian launch of Emsculpt NEO. With core values that focus on strength, wellness, and health, Vive Active is the perfect brand alignment for this revolutionary technology. It is the first time BTL has launched a new device to the market in the wellness space, rather than Aesthetics, and it is an exciting new direction for us.”


A non-surgical body sculpting and contouring treatment administered via technology that emits two energies – RF (radio frequency) and HIFEM+ (high-intensity focused electromagnetic field) – via two applicators to stimulate and build muscles and eliminate fat. (It’s the only patented radiofrequency heating in the world that works simultaneously within a magnetic field.)

Emsculpt Neo arrives in Australia


Two applicators are strapped to the treatment area where 20,000 contractions occur in one 30-minute session (4 sessions are recommended per area), during which 100% of the muscle group is used versus ~50% during a typical exercise sessions. HIFEM+ energy (which is matched to the RF energy output) contracts the muscle fibers in the area at intensities that are not achievable during voluntary workout. Extreme stress forces the muscle to adapt, resulting in an increase in the number and growth of muscle fibers and cells.

The RF energy heats muscles and effectively warms them up for the “workout” while bringing the temperature in the body’s fat layer high enough that fat cells become permanently damaged and the body gradually eliminates them. In less than 4 minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body (i.e. apoptosis).

Sensations can feel like contractions, vibrations or a pins-and-needles during the session, with a tapping or thumping at the end. It’s important to start at a lower frequency and work your way up, to avoid one of few potential issues (i.e. muscle hernia) that could arise with this treatment.


Emsculpt Neo uses both RF and HIFEM+ energies to reduce fat and build muscle.

“There are a great number of benefits that customers will reap after using Emsculpt NEO. This is a result of us combining the technologies of radio frequency heating to burn fat, and high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves to build muscle,” said Ron Borsheim, VP of Product Development of BTL. “Heating the muscles while burning fat allows for synergistic effects that result in more fat reduction and muscle growth than any single gold standard procedure. We are thrilled about the results of seven new clinical studies that show an average of 30% fat reduction and/or 25% increase in muscle mass.”

The end result of the dual-energy approach is more fat reduction and muscle growth for less time and less money as two separate treatments are usually need to achieve the results of this dual-purpose single treatment that has no downtime or recovery. Best and continued results will occur with a good diet and exercise.


The device was first cleared for use the the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the US in late 2020, and only made its way to approved use in Australia in Q1 2021.

It’s been approved to be used on abs, bum, arms, thighs and calves, with smaller attachments used on the less expansive areas.

Pregnant women or people with metallic (e.g. IUDs) or eletronic (e.g. pacemaker) implants should avoid this treatment.

Find out more about Emsculpt NEO at BTL Aesthetics here.

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