Clinic Care has permanently reduced the prices of the Dermaroller rollers.

“We’ve matched the competitors on price. Without having to compare and compete against price, we ask you then to consider weighing up CE marks, ARTG registration, clinical studies and results,” Sean Abel, general manager of Clinic Care says.

“Dermaroller has always been positioned as a premium brand and we’ve fought to keep this alignment. However, this year, Clinic Care embarks on a new strategy. With the e-Dermastamp being suitable for doctors, we plan to expand the Dermaroller brand into the beauty clinic arena. We know that having an affordable but quality device will propel the brand back to its market leader status. Within one week of the new adjusted prices, we sold out of our one millimetre rollers. We’ve never seen the rollers sell this quickly before.”

Clinic Care have adjusted the Dermaroller prices to just $69 per roller.

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