Clinical therapist Catherine Hottes

After 26 years working in the Australian beauty industry, Catherine Hottes is launching a plasma-based device onto the market to meet the growing demand for non-invasive anti-ageing treatments for the delicate eye area.

Catherine says the Accor Cosmetic Corrector is the “beauty disrupter” that salon owners, such as herself, have been searching for.

“For years clients have been asking me for a treatment to help with their hooded and creased eyelids but even though I had a lot of advanced skin treatments on my salon menu (including CIT and fractional laser) I had nothing to offer that was safe and effective for use in the eye area.

“Therefore time and time again all I could do was send them [the clients] away with a hydrating eye cream and/or suggest they visit a cosmetic surgeon.”

After extensive research and numerous trips overseas, Catherine found the device she was looking for to treat her own clients.

She says the Accor Cosmetic Corrector, which “combines the best aspects of plasma and low frequency techniques”, is ideal for salon usage.

“It really is a gentle, rapid and effective alternative to skin tightening surgery.”

Held “about just above the surface of the client’s skin”, the Cosmetic Corrector releases a minuscule plasma arc which vapourises a micromillimetre-sized dot when it touches the skin’s surface – and instantly tightens the ‘dot’ and the skin around it.

Catherine says the use of plasma enables “the treatment imprint to be wider and shallower than traditional thermal devices”.

“A single procedure is enough to make the eyes appear more open and firm up the eyelids.”

The treatment, which is “almost painless” and causes “virtually no unsightly swelling or redness”, can also be used for a variety of other treatments on the face and body including wrinkle reduction, pigmentation reduction, scar revision, skin tag and cosmetic tattoo removal.

Apart from using the Accor in her own salon, Catherine is now also distributing the device to salons around in Australia through her new company, Arc Aesthetics Australia.

“Plasma treatments are becoming the perfect treatment in salons and clinics for professional therapists, cosmetic injectors and dermatologists as it delivers the results and can be incorporated and layered with other clinical skincare and modalities,” she says.

“This makes for maximum results with minimal down time for clients.”

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