Wasn’t technology supposed to make life easier?

1. There is heavy lifting involved

Why is it that no one in beauty college warns you you’ll spend much of your career lugging around heavy machines that are supposed to take the work out of doing facials?

2. Operating a crane would be easier

Seriously. The amount of buttons and dials you have to become expert at operating to perform a basic treatment makes you wonder why you never considered a career in programming. And you thought facials were supposed to be about the skin.

3. It will constantly get in your way

Having to regularly manoeuvre around a mammoth sized machine to get in and out of your treatment room gets old, real fast.

4.  You’ll regularly have to annoy your boss

“It’s not working again” will become one of your catch phrases around the salon as you continue the struggle of woman versus machine.

5. And you’ll start to hate technology…

Where once the idea of having your own facial device to play with seemed novel and cool, now it makes you rue the day the machine was ever invented. Damn you, technology.

Well, that was until we saw this…

The iWatch of the beauty world, iBeauty is a small, breakthrough device almost as light as your handbag and touch screen programmable with three innovative technologies in one.

What it does:

  • Sound vibrations to exfoliate and purify
  • Sequential ultrasound to drain, infuse and stimulate
  • Tri-polar radio frequency to regenerates and plump
  • Enables clients to add a new facial module to their treatment menu
  • Provides shorter treatments times (30-45 mins) for recruiting new clients
  • Uses the latest technology sound-vibration, ultrasound and radio frequency
  • Has a modern, feminine design to give your salon a professional image

“The Thalgo iBeauty enables our clients to provide a new facial treatment that utilises the latest technologies to cut down treatment times whilst addressing a broad range of consumer priorities,” says BLC Cosmetics general manager, Nicola Gleeson.

To find out more about the iBeauty, contact BLC Cosmetics on 02 94430 2200 or head to thalgo.com.au



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