Between the 18th and 20th of April, Melbourne Convention Centre became a meeting place for over 1000 cosmetic medical practitioners, exhibitors and delegates.

Cosmetex is a conference organised by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS), it is an annual gathering that discusses the latest in cosmetic technology, education, business and cosmedic products.

Those attended included cosmetic and plastic surgeons, dermatologist, cosmetic physicians, nurses, and cosmetic industry suppliers.
“This year is our biggest so far,” said Dr Colin Moore, President of the ACCS, “Cosmetex is the biggest cosmetic surgery conference in the Southern Hemisphere.”

(Image: opening Plenary)

This year, Cosmetex focused on two prevalent issues in the professional industry: a step away from the ‘alien face’ of cosmetic surgery and new techniques in the field of fillers and injections.

“There’s a heavy emphasis on not over-doing things, especially around the face,” said Dr Colin, “the emphasis this year is doing less – less is more.”

Dr Arthur Swift, an advocate of the ‘less is more’ principle, was one of the key note speakers at Cosmetex this year. As a highlight of the conference he spoke on his golden ratio approach to beauty: BeautiPHication.

“Having Dr Arthur Swift speaking at Cosmetex is definitely a highlight, especially as he is also in the field of reduced treatment,” said Dr Colin.
Other highlights include Dr Leslie Baumann, Dr Suzanne Kilmer, Dr Paul Banwell, Dr Francisco Manuel Falcao De Melo and many more.

(Image: John Flynn speaking at Cosmetex)

Cosmetex continually contributes to the education of the beauty industry as a centre where all different aspects of the industry come together. “It is the largest outlet for the beauty and cosmetic surgery trade, the largest opportunity for professionals to interact,” according to Dr Colin.

This year, the conference saw more brands and industry suppliers on the exhibition floor. More brands increased their presence with larger stands and some launched new products at the conference.

We spoke to Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS), Auscos and True Solutions about their take on Cosmetex this year.

“The beauty industry is merged now, I find that there is no line down the middle,” said Joanne Peacock, National Sales Manager for PBS, “cosmedics and the beauty industry is combining.”

“Doctors now have beauty therapists and they are working together, Cosmetex really reflect how the two worlds are combining into one, it’s really become one,” she said.

PBS brought their makeup brand Youngblood and new skincare range Image to Cosmetex. Benefiting from products that cover both makeup and the cosmedic side of the industry, PBS has seen an increase in interest at their stand.

“We are finding that there’s more interest because there’s something new, people love seeing new products,” said Joanne, “we’re also showcasing Youngblood, our well-established brand that would complement any doctor’s clinic.”

Caroline Inge, the Distributor of Auscos products agrees to this unification of the industry: “Cosmetex is an education forum for beauty therapists who want to learn about the ingredients and new perspectives in the industry in order understand and work alongside the doctors and surgeons”.

“[At Cosmetex] The industry becomes a homogenous whole that communicates to each other,” she said.

(Image: the exhibition hall)

Cosmetex is a popular place for the launch of new products for the sheer amount of industry players that attend. Suppliers have all found the conference beneficial for brand-awareness and product promotion.

According to Caroline Inge, “we’re here to build awareness, to reconnect with customers that we don’t see very often and also to reach new potential customers”.

Suppliers launching new products offer attendees an exclusive sneak peek into their latest.

“At Cosmetex this year we showcased our new PRIORI MD and RevaléSkin range,” said Mia Cassin, Media Manager of True Solutions, “we attend Cosmetex to present our brands to the decision makers in the cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery markets.”

“It was a great show and a perfect environment to network with clients and potential clients,” she added.

Visit the Cosmetex website for more information.

By Sophia Wang