Over 1000 cosmetic medical practitioners, exhibiters and delegates from around the world have gathered in Melbourne for the start of Cosmetex 2013, a three-day conference from Thursday 18 April until Saturday 20 April, organised by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS).

The annual Cosmetex conference, which brings together cosmetic and plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, nurses and other cosmetic health practitioners industry suppliers, is one of the world’s most important meetings in the specialty area of cosmetic medical practice and the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Victorian Health Services Commissioner, Dr Grant Davies, will address Cosmetex’s plenary opening session. New treatments and procedures including regenerative use of stem cells, micro fat grafting, with applications for facial rejuvenation for example will be featured along with the latest techniques for more familiar treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and surgical procedures for the face and body.

ACCS President Dr Colin Moore said that as in other areas of medicine, cosmetic medical practice was undergoing a revolution due to new technologies and treatment approaches. “The introduction of new, regenerative techniques such as stem cell therapies and fat grafting, along with increasing use of cosmeceuticals, provides greater treatment versatility and consumer choice,” Dr Moore said. “In the future, cosmetic physicians and surgeons will be able to work with a far richer palette to address their patient’s requirements.”

He also noted the increasing emphasis practitioners are placing on hollistic and preventative strategies. “Getting good nutrition, adequate exercise, using sun protection and not smoking are the best things you can do for your appearance, health and self-esteem.

“It is a very exciting time for cosmetic medical practice and it underscores the multidisciplinary nature of the growing specialty. This year’s Cosmetex is likely to set a new attendance record, and I think that also underscores the inclusive approach the College takes toward the development of the speciality area. We have leading practitioners in the areas of dermatology, cosmetic, maxillofacial and plastic surgery and other many others from all over the world who have come to Melbourne and Cosmetex share their knowledge and expertise as well as to learn from their Australian colleagues.”

Dr Moore said that the College is also very pleased to be hosting the first annual cosmetic nurse’s meeting. “Nurses are making an increasing contribution to cosmetic medical practice and it is important that they are under a College umbrella – to ensure proper standards and to promote education and training,” he said.

He also noted that with the growth and greater acceptance of cosmetic medical and surgical procedures, it was increasingly important that health consumers do their homework and educate themselves. “Anyone considering having a cosmetic procedure should ensure that they fully understand the risks and well as the benefits and that their practitioner is properly trained in the procedure. Being a specialist of one kind or another is no guarantee that such training has been obtained,” he warned.

At last year’s conference, the College launched a Code of Practice Seal to help patients see at a glance that the doctor with whom they are considering undergoing a procedure agrees to comply with the College’s exemplary standards of its Code of Practice.

Cosmetex 2013 Highlights

The Cosmetex Conference exhibition hall at the Melbourne Convention Centre opens Thursday 18 April until Saturday 20 April, will showcase more than 55 companies and organisations featuring cosmetic medical and surgery products, devices and treatments including the latest breast implants, injectable wrinkle reducers, lasers, body contouring systems, cosmeceuticals and skin care.

Topics and keynote speakers at Cosmetex 2013 include:

Approach to the Ageing Face, Cosmetic Dermatologist and author of The Skin Type Solution, Dr Leslie Baumann (USA)
BeautiPHication: A Caliper Approach to Global Facial Enhancement, Plastic Surgeon Arthur Swift (Canada)
Reversing Facial Ageing – A Non-Invasive Approach Involving Laser, RF and Topical Therapies, Plastic Surgeon Ian Holten (Australia)
Stem Cells for Cosmetic Medicine, Cosmetic Physician Dr Ralph Bright (Australia)
A PRP-gel Enriched Fat Transfer Technique for Volume Restoration, Peter Everts, PhD, (The Netherlands)
Periorbital Beautification using Combination Treatment, Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Raj Acquilla (UK)
Interactive Forum on Lasers – with Cosmetic Dermatologists Dr Suzanne Kilmer (USA), Dr Davin Lim (Australia), Dr Mitch Goldman (USA)
New Applications of Platelet Rich Plasma to optimize outcomes in Plastic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr Fabio Nicoli (Italy)
Beauty, Fashion and Cosmetic Medicine – What is the Missing Link? Plastic Surgeon Paul Banwell (UK)

For a full program and more information about Cosmetex 2012, please visit: www.cosmetex.org/melbourne2013