The Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery are excited to welcome Professor Leslie Baumann M.D, to Cosmetex 2013, the largest scientific congress in Australasia devoted exclusively to cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, taking place in Melbourne on 17 –20 April.

Professor Baumann is internationally known for her contributions to the field of cosmetic dermatology including her textbook Cosmetic Dermatology, which is the bestselling cosmetic dermatology textbook in the world, and her New York Times bestselling book The Skin Type Solution. Professional Beauty stole five minutes with her.

What has inspired you to be at Cosmetex 2013?
I came a few years ago and was impressed at the level of cosmetic knowledge and the diversity of the types of physicians. It is nice when various specialties come together to share their points of view on the same topic. In the US, it is mainly dermatologists who perform these types of procedures – so we are missing the multifaceted thinking that this meeting offers. I thought it was one of the most informative cosmetic meetings I have been to around the world – and I have been to many.

How does attending events like Cosmetex inform or relate to your current practice?
I am always looking for new technologies from around the world to bring to my patients. This meeting taught me about skin care products that we do not have in the US, like the brand Rationale – which I find very interesting.

What will you be presenting on at Cosmetex 2013?
One topic is “Complications of Dermal Fillers.” I chose this topic because doctors around the world send me their dermal filler complications because of the work that I did during my tenure as a Professor of Dermatology at the University of Miami. I have many publications on dermal filler complications and I dedicate a section of my textbook, Cosmetic Dermatology; Principles and Practice (McGraw Hill) to them. I have some very interesting cases I am excited to share. I will also talk about Ultrasound technologies. I have been using ultrasound for skin tightening and fat loss for years now. We have developed new methods of pain control that I am looking forward to presenting to the audience. My third lecture is on the seven scientific causes of ageing. It discusses the role of mitichondria, lysosomes and other cell functions in the ageing process. I believe this is a unique way to look at topical anti-ageing technologies.

What are you most looking forward to about Cosmetex 2013?
Seeing old friends and making new ones.

What else are you looking forward to about your trip to Melbourne, Australia?
I loved Melbourne last time I was there. This will be my fourth trip to Australia – I love it here. The people are open, honest and speak their mind. The Gala is talked about around the world for how wild it is. Australians seem to know how to cut loose and enjoy themselves and I look forward to joining in!

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