Botox is the most desired non-cosmetic procedure among “aesthetically aware” Australian women, according to a new survey by MyFaceMyBody.

The company’s Global Consumer Insight Report for 2017, which provides “independent in-depth research into trends and consumer behaviour for the non-surgical sector” in Australia, the UK and the US, found that 13.27 percent of Australian women would consider anti-wrinkle injections while 11.76 percent would consider fillers .

According MyFaceMyBody CEO Stephen Handisides, the survey of 15,000 “aesthetically aware” consumers is the first of its kind and gives an unprecedented snapshot of the mindset of the aesthetic consumer.,

“Data has been collated from a broad section of consumers across the US, UK and Australasia,” he said.

“The report reveals their views and opinions on treatments they would consider, what the barriers to treatment are and how often they buy skincare. Also, what are the biggest motivators in seeking aesthetic enhancement procedures and whether or not they would undergo surgery.”

Some of the key findings in the report are:

 The internet is where most people research their treatments, magazines come in second.

  • People in the US and Australasia are more likely to talk about having aesthetics treatments with their friends with 85 percent saying they shared their experiences compared to 75 percent in the UK.
  • The UK and Australasian markets are more body conscious than the US with 85 percent in both countries saying they would consider having a body shaping treatment compared to 76 percent of US consume.
    Reasons given for wanting non-surgical cosmetic treatments (Australia)


  • Australasian respondents are also more likely to consider surgery with 80 percent saying they would consider going under the knife compared to 73 percent in the US and 70 percent in the UK.
  • In the UK, the surgical procedure respondents would most consider is a facelift while in the US it is a tummy tuck. In Australasia, it is breast augmentation.
  • In the last year the trend for younger people going for injectable treatments has been much debated in the press and this was reflected in the research, which showed that in the UK treatment respondents would most consider having under the age of 30 is Anti-Wrinkle Injections (13 percent), followed by body shaping (10 percent), dermal fillers (9 percent), plastic surgery (8 percent) and skin tightening (6 percent).

 The Australian Market

  •  The Australasian market is more body conscious than the US with 85 percent saying they would consider a body shaping treatment.
  • Skin tightening is of huge interest in Australasia with a staggering 93 percent saying they would consider the treatment.
Most wanted surgical cosmetic treatments (Australia)


  • Preventing the signs of ageing and looking younger are the number one motivators with 37 percent choosing preventing ageing and 28 percent choosing a younger appearance as top reasons for having treatment.
  • Price is the biggest factor in preventing participants from undergoing treatment with 35 percent citing this as their biggest barrier. Unnatural results and the fear of something going wrong are also factors that put our respondents off, with 21 percent and 20 percent respectively saying these reasons would prevent them from undergoing treatment.

    Most wanted non-surgical cosmetic treatments (Australia)
  • Sun damage is the number one skin concern for respondents (18 percent), followed by uneven skin tone (17 percent) and dry skin (15 percent). Sun spots and pigmentation also ranked higher among Australasian participants than other skin concerns such as acne or rosacea.
  • 34 percent of people who answered the survey said they purchase skin care every three months with 25 percent buying every month.
  • 13 percent have dermal fillers once a year while 19 percent have anti-wrinkle injections every three months.