This year’s Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo is introducing an invaluable Age Management seminar series to equip salon and spa owners with the knowledge they require to tap into this rapidly evolving market segment.

Suzie Hoitink
Suzie Hoitink

With a multitude of treatments available, these beneficial seminars are aimed at demystifying the options and technologies on offer to spa and salon businesses. From skincare to non-invasive cosmetic procedures, attendees are set to leave with a clearer understanding of the science, technology and business considerations surrounding the most popular treatments and products on the market at the moment.

“Whether you’re looking to increase your revenue, customer base or stay a step ahead of competition, these seminars will provide the know-how to make the best investment decisions for your business, enable you to learn from others and potentially help you avoid detrimental, costly mistakes when choosing new technology and skincare for your salon or business,” said Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo Director, Julia Erben.

Brought together by an expert panel of speakers, the two-part seminar series – one on skincare and the other on technology – will be led by keynote skincare expert, Suzie Hoitink, co-founder of the Clear Complexions clinic and 2012 national finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. Chosen for her unique approach to skincare, she will advise on the changes facing the industry and the crucial considerations owners should be aware of before integrating these therapies into their salons.

“The Age Management sessions at this year’s Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo have been designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice so attendees make the most informed investment decision for both their customers and business performance,” said Suzie.

Expert Panel – Age Management; Technology
Sun 25 Aug 10:45am – 12:30pm
Covering the ins and outs on a wide range of technology, equipment and injectables. The first-part of the Age Management seminar series will provide a neutral platform to teach the science behind some of the industry’s leading technologies. The expert panel will consist of:
– Suzie Hoitink; skin expert and Clear Complexions co-founder
– Dr Herbert Hooi; a cosmetic physician who will focus on injectables
– Bita Beyzaee; co-founder of The Laser Lounge

SM - Age Managment TECHNOLOGY 2

Expert Panel – Age Management; Skincare

Sun 25 Aug 12:45pm – 2:30pm
The second installment will encompass everything beauty and spa professionals need to know about age management skincare, ingredients, functionality and innovation. Featuring experts across the industry, the skincare expert panel will comprise of:
– Suzie Hoitink; skin expert and Clear Complexions co-founder
– Daniel Dickson; an entrepreneur from Danne Montague King (DMK)
– Dennille Ludenau; skin expert from Demalogica Australia and the International Dermal Institute

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