Advanced Cosmeceuticals has expanded its brand portfolio with the addition of Brera Medical Technologies – a leading Italian manufacturer of “effective and affordable” non-surgical cosmetic equipment.

Advanced Cosmeceuticals managing director Catherine Biedermann says Brera’s 30 years’ experience combining “traditional Italian creativity and intuition with advanced technology to meet the needs of beauty and medicine” inspired her to add the brand to her company’s portfolio of premium quality skin care products and aesthetic equipment.

“Brera offers the latest in non-surgical technology with affordable, yet very effective devices that can treat multiple indications by various clinicians.”

She says Brera’s introduction into Australia is being led with the launch of two innovative devices, the Imperium Matrix and Plasmage.

The Imperium Matrix uses amplified medium-frequency RF technology (AMF) to produce “outstanding results against micro-roughness, acne scars, wrinkles and enlarged pores with minimal downtime and discomfort”.

Plasmage  sublimates tissues without side effects on the skin so it can  “treat delicate areas safely like upper and lower eyelids which lasers and radio surgical units cannot”. It is the only tool to perform Blefaroplasma “with quick results” and can also treat many aesthetic and dermatological indications, including wrinkles, xanthelasma, acne, scars, lentigo, fibroma and verrucas.

The Plasmage is targeted at doctors’ clinics but the Matrix is, according to Catherine, ideal for beauty salons.

She says the device, which was launched in Italy in 2013, “synergistically combines three non-invasive modalities to help remodel the epidermis and dermis and help stimulate muscles for a complete lifting and volumising effect with minimal downtime or discomfort”:

Fractional Pulsed Crown (FPC) RF – a fractional handpiece delivers RF energy to the papillary dermis at two depths (0.5mm and 1mm) simultaneously without penetrating the skin.

Mesowave – uses high frequency ultrasound to deliver active ingredients via sonophoresis. This penetration is supported by the creation of microchannels from the FPC handpiece.

RF Endolift – Bipolar RF contracts the muscles of support to help improve muscle tone and promote a lifting effect.

Catherine says the Matrix is “perfect for treating medium, moderate wrinkles, skin laxity and muscle laxity, enlarged pores and acne scars.

“Matrix offers both immediately visible and long-lasting results,” she says.

“No anaesthesia is required as patients experience minimal downtime and discomfort with no bleeding or burning, but patients may experience slight redness post-treatment.”





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