Sharnelle Mitchell from Renaissance Spa in NZ, says that sensitivity is on the rise due to over use of IPL and peels.

Award-winning skincare professional, Sharnelle Mitchell from Renaissance Spa in Christchurch New Zealand, talks about the rise of skin sensitivity and our collective issue with pigmentation. Also up for discussion? How to deal with teenage skin, and what makes a really great skincare professional.


Sharnelle Mitchell from Renaissance Spa in NZ, says that sensitivity is on the rise due to over use of IPL and peels.
Sharnelle Mitchell from Renaissance Spa in NZ, says that pigmentation continues to be an issue, while sensitivity is on the rise due to over use of IPL and peels.


What are the top three skin issues you find walking through Renaissance’s doors?

“Pigmentation and premature ageing has always been a huge problem for Australasian men and women. Although prevention is best, we get fantastic results with Ultraceuticals in-clinic treatments and homecare. Lately I have noticed a rise in sensitivity and redness.”

What is a skin issue that is on the rise? And how do you deal with it?

“Lately I have seen quite a few cases of hyperpigmentation and skin-sensitivity from the overuse of skin peels and other intensive treatments such as laser and IPL. In such cases we work very gently and carefully to help rebuild the lipid barrier and skin health.”

When it comes to treating pigmentation and dullness, what is your go-to facial treatment at Renaissance?

“Mandelic peels and Brightening Accelerator Mask treatments [by Ultraceuticals] achieve fantastic results. For clients wanting an intensive collagen boost as well as pigmentation treatment I recommend a course of DNT Direct Needle Therapy or Skin Needling.”


Renaissance outside view
Clients come to Renaissance to solve their skin issues (namely pigmentation, pre-mature ageing and skin sensitivity) as well as get a bit of R&R.


You offer treatments for teenage skin. Are teenagers taking better care of their skin these days? And what is the best way to treat teen skin?

“Absolutely. We look at each case individually as there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to skincare. A good homecare routine is essential and it helps if the teenager has the support of their parents to help keep them on track.”

You also offer treatments for men. In what ways is working with men, different from working with women?

“Before their first facial, men know they’re in for relaxation but don’t often realise that we are about to perform a treatment that is beneficial to their skin health. They don’t usually ask many questions, but they take on board our advice and in turn get fantastic results.   Women are aware they need to take care of themselves but men don’t realise how important it is until they come here. They need to unwind just like women do.”

What about products? Can you use the same products on both sexes?

“It’s all about skin diagnosis, and using the correct ingredients for the concern. We use Ultraceuticals, which has unisex packaging that is appealing to both men and women.”

Renaissance seems very serene from the images. What can people expect when they walk in?

“Our mantra is Results Driven Beauty Bliss. When you enter Renaissance, you enter a serene, fresh, clean and sanitary environment and can relax knowing that your services are being provided with the highest level of hygiene and standard. We want our clients to indulge knowing that their service is being performed with skill, attention to detail and unique touches that will add value to your experience.”

You recently won Ultraceuticals’ Ultra Skin Expert of Year 2016 award. How does winning an award like this make you feel?

“In short, very proud. I feel very honoured to have been recognised against the best in the industry and I am grateful for the support from Ultraceuticals and my team.”


Sharnelle Mitchell winning her award for Best Beauty Therapist from Ultraceuticals' Dr Geoffrey Heber and CEO, Olivier Duvillard.
Sharnelle Mitchell accepting her award for Ultra Skin Expert of Year 2016 from Ultraceuticals founder Dr Geoffrey Heber and CEO, Olivier Duvillard.


What attributes does it take to be a really top skincare expert?

“Education – the industry is constantly evolving and there is always new information at hand. Listening to your clients needs is extremely important – I ask a lot of questions to help me understand my client’s lifestyle.”

What is the top skin tip you pass onto your clients?

“Wear sunscreen. Really. No excuses. Every day. No matter what.”




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