Ella Baché promotes skin confidence

The #IWillBeMe campaign stars Zoe Cross, Madeleine Madden and Arabella Peterson

Ella Baché has launched a social media campaign encouraging Australian women “to be confident in their own skin”.

The #IWillBeMe campaign encourages consumers to take part in the 28 Day SkinFit program by booking a skin diagnosis and facial at their local Ella Baché salon where they will be prescribed a homecare routine.

Participants who share their experience on Instagram and Facebook with a photo and brief description of what being confident in their skin means to them will then be in the running to win “a year’s worth of facials” as well as weekly prizes of Ella Baché’s latest products.

Ella Baché CEO Pippa Hallas says the 28 Day SkinFit challenge is “a first for the brand” but something the company is “looking at running each year”.

She said the campaign will run for 28 days as that is “the length of time it takes for skin cells to rejuvenate”.

“Ella Baché believes every Australian is unique and beautiful in their own way which is why we’re encouraging Aussies to take part in #IWillBeMe campaign,” she says.

“The 28-day skin fit program will allow customers to join us on a journey to skin health.

“Research shows that that 85 percent of women are not using the right skincare.

“We want to help enlighten, educate and increase their confidence with their skin by providing them with the right tools and professional advice from our beauty therapists.

“In the same way customers commit to a fitness regime, we want them to commit to a program of treatments and at-home products to achieve optimum healthy skin.”

The #IWillBeMe campaign stars Australian actress Madeleine Madden, Arabella Peterson of The Ladies Network and model Zoe Cross.

“Together these three Australian beauties signify the underlying themes of Ella Baché’s campaign, championing self-acceptance and a celebration of skin,” says Hallas.

“Ella Baché believe it’s not just about how you show your skin; it’s what you do in it that matters.

“Although physically beautiful, Madeleine, Zoe and Arabella aren’t all your ‘typical model’ types – however each of these women are genuinely passionate about encouraging inner and outer health and this aligns wholly to Ella Baché’s #IWillBeMe campaign.”

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