FURTHER EDUCATION: The Advanced Skills Academy

FOUNDED ON THE basis of excellence, The Advanced Skills Academy was developed to support aesthetic & beauty students seeking a higher level of learning by providing a quality assured Nationally Recognised Training Organisation that emphasises a hands on approach to education to meet the practical needs of employers.

The company has a solid history stemming from its foundation as the training department of one of Australia’s leading medi-aesthetic franchise networks, Australian Skin Clinics, who operate over 50 clinics across Australia and New Zealand.The Advanced Skills Acade
my has attracted employees from all walks of life and industries,
meaning courses are delivered by qualified experts with extensive real world experience. This has enabled courses to be developed in a manner that is fun, interactive and with a strong focus on practical training.

Flexible delivery methods allow students to tailor their learning environment to one that suits them, whether it be through on-line learning interactions or faceto-face engaging training seminars.

The Advanced Skills Academy offers courses to suit a range of requirements, whether it be to assist in the commencement of a career path, changing of careers, upskilling or planning for a promotion, professional development or other.

With a team who are committed to each individual student’s study success, The Advanced Skills Academy provide the upmost level of service, education and support, within state of the art facilities, and using the most advanced technologies.

Our goal is to turn out first class students industry ready for employment in the cuttingedge medi-aesthetic field.

Ph: 1800 900 800
Website: www.tasa.edu.au