Oz Skin Clinics donate ‘scrubs’ to save women’s lives

Australian Skin Clinics has found a new use for its medical scrubs and supplies – sending them to Africa to help save the lives of women giving birth.

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11 things that go horribly wrong in the salon

Wax pot explosions, anyone?

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16 Things People Who Work In Salons Know To Be True

Tan stains are just the beginning of it…

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13 Photos Beauty College Students Will Recognise

Ah, the memories…

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17 Phrases Guaranteed To Horrify Beauty Therapists

There are some things you simply can’t un-hear…

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12 Memes That Sum Up Salon Life


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The 9 Types Of Beauty Therapist

Enthusiastic, or over it? What type of beauty therapist are you?

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16 Pictures That Sum Up Life As A Beauty Therapist

No one understands the struggle, except for your fellow beauty sisters.

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21 Things That Happen When You Work In A Salon

You will have days where you’ll seriously consider burning the salon to the ground…

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23 Brows That’ll Hurt Every Beauty Therapist’s Eyes

When every fibre of your body says, “Let me at ’em”…

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23 Life-Changing Beauty Product Storage Ideas

Bye-bye, chaos. Hello, order.

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16 Things Beauty Therapists Do When No One’s Looking

If no one saw it, then it never happened…right?

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Merry Christmas, Professional Beauties!

‘Tis the season to be jolly and reflect on what a jam-packed year it’s been.

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26 Struggles Every Beauty Therapist Will Recognise

Clueless clients, non-existent weekends and the urge to scream “Just PICK A COLOUR!”. Only BTs get it.

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21 Faces Every Beauty Therapist Will Recognise

The ‘Oh, you’re almost finished painting my nails. Did I say pink? I meant lime green’ face.

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Behind the French Manicure with ORLY

Developed by Jeff Pink in the mid-1970s, the Original French Manicure® has prevailed as the ultimate in nail chic and now, ORLY is Beauty Expo-ready! This versatile nail look first gained attention in Hollywood and soon after, became an instant classic on the runways of Paris. “The idea of the French manicure look came to […]

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Q&A with Freelance Manicurist Monica Ropiha

Monica Ropiha, a renowned celebrity manicurist leading the way for freelance nail artistry. Professional Beauty chats to Monica about the ups and downs of freelancing – and what to expect. Why have you decided to become a freelance nail artist? It was always a dream of mine to be a celebrity manicurist. I was always […]

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Crowd Surfing

Standards let you rise above the crowd – not competitive cut pricing: argues Karen Peppercorn, Australian Professional Fingernail Association President. It’s easy to take a negative attitude (of which I have also been guilty) when it comes to the increasing numbers of ‘cut price’ budget style nail and beauty salons. You know the ones I’m […]

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